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Eating, drinking and breathing music!

...that's how Bristol based Arketta have begun to carve their way through the UK music scene. The guys have played tons of gigs and love performing in the nude (just kidding but you may get Paolo to lose his shirt!).  The band members originate from 3 different countries with blended influences to create their own alt/rock sound.

In late 2019, Arketta started working with MAS Records and are looking forward to a rocking 2020!  The guys are preparing for a single release in spring and are excited to be getting back into the studio very soon.  

Damian (lead vox & guitar) has a special interest in belly button lint and the voodoo involved in its creation, Guillaume (bass & vox) has the world’s largest collection of invisible ....... and Paolo’s (drums & vox) hair has been sought after by master wigmakers for years!

Performance details:

Arketta can play over 1.5 hours of original music and often throw in a few covers for fun.  A PA is available if needed.  Being a 3 piece means they are pretty flexible with space constrictions. 


Book Arketta:  07949 549476

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